Negotiating a Purchase Agreement

I provide two options for my client in negotiating a purchase agreement.  Either my clients negotiates with buyer on their own or they can retain me to do the negotiation on their behalf.  My clients always make the final decisions on their terms.

For my Clients who negotiate the purchase agreement on their own, I provide a checklist to use in negotiation.  I am always available to assist them with any questions that come up in during the process.  The purchase agreement checklist covers the following but in greater detail.

  1. Seller and buyer information
  2. Address and legal description of property
  3. Major appliances staying/leaving the property
  4. Type of loan and amount of down payment
  5. Inspections
  6. Prices – purchased/assessed/appraisal
  7. Earnest money
  8. Title company information
  9. Closing date, contingencies, and closing costs

That’s the basic outline, but all of this will be covered in more detail for free when we first meet up.  If you’d like more information call today to set up a consultation.